Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts Roommate Survey 2017-2018

Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts Roommate Survey 2017-2018

All new students at Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts share a bedroom with one other student, and a townhouse with up to three other students, at Southwick Commons, located directly across the street from the campus in Old Lyme, CT.

We believe that learning to share and compromise are key parts of the first-year experience. Learning to live with a roommate is not always easy, and it sometimes takes effort, but can be a growing experience.

We expect that all students will enter into their roommate relationships with the following:

• Commitment to live together
• A sincere effort to compromise, communicate, and develop a positive roommate relationship.
• An open mind to accept each others' differences.

If you have any questions or concerns about being paired with a roommate, please do not hesitate to contact the Donna Leake, Director of Campus Life, at

Please be as forthcoming as possible when filling out the survey below. It is extremely important that the student fill out the survey - not a parent.