Course Withdrawal Form

Course Withdrawal Form

Full-time or part-time, graduate or undergraduate, students may withdraw from a full term course prior to the end of the tenth week of classes. If a course meets less than the 15 week term, the student may withdraw from the course prior to the two thirds mark of the course. The student should verify the date for withdrawal from courses meeting less than 15 weeks with the Office of the University Registrar (Bergami Hall).

The deadline for students to withdraw from full term courses will be published in the academic calendar.

Before Filling Out This Form To Request a Course Withdrawal, You Should:

1. Consider the academic consequences: consulting with his or her academic advisor or program coordinator is recommended.

2. Consider the financial, billing, and residential life implications: consulting with the Financial Aid Office, Bursar’s Office, Office of Residential Life is strongly recommended.

3. If you are a Veteran, consulting with the Veteran's liaison regarding government funding is strongly recommended.

4. If you are an international student, you must consult with the International Services Office regarding U.S. immigration implications. The Office of the Registrar will confirm with ISO prior to withdrawing an international student from a course.

Revised March 06, 2020